The What-What-How is a core feature of the IMPACT Program. Over the course of their IMPACT journey, trainees and communities are coached and provided resources in the numerous ways to apply and embed the What-What-How®. It provides the centralised tool and strategy to enable the IMPACT Program to be applied in both highly simple and complex ways. Core applications of the What-What-How® include:

  1. Documented Growth Action Plan – a key document to empower communities to develop a shared intent around growth and support (trained at the Introductory accreditation level).
  2. Wellbeing Tool – tool to ground decision making and activate core skills and competencies associated with wellbeing and self-regulation (trained at the Introductory accreditation level).
  3. Coaching Framework – a framework to guide the intent of coaching conversations and planning (trained at the Advanced accreditation level).
In application, a key intent of the IMPACT program is to find a sustainable point of embedding for the What-What-How®. This provides the scaffold for the deeper and specialist layers of the program to be incrementally embedded across a team, school, program, agency, region or community.