Six Features

Six Features

1. Four-Tier Training and Accreditation System

The IMPACT Program is underpinned by a training and competency framework, supported by a 4-Tier accreditation pathway.

2. IMPACT Specialist Modules and Workshops

This takes the foundational IMPACT content and methods to specialist and advanced applications, as tailored to individual community contexts.

3. IMPACT Online (Learning Management System and Resource Hub)

A dedicated learning management system for all trainees and resource hub for IMPACT Coaches at

4. Learn-It, Live-It, Apply-It, Coach-It and Training Capacity Building Cycle

A cycle that guides how individuals and communities incrementally learn and embed IMPACT content in their roles and communities.

5. Centralised Embedding Tool (What-What-How)

The What-What-How is the foundational tool to enable the IMPACT content to be applied and embedded in highly simple and complex ways.

6. Integrated Coaching Model and Approach

Coaching is at the heart of IMPACT and the program provides core knowledge, skills and methods in evidence-based coaching.