What is IMPACT?

IMPACT in a Nutshell

IMPACT is a flexible capacity building program that equips and empowers children, adults, families and communities to understand and intentionally apply the science of wellbeing, intentional practice, trauma, resilience and growth for themselves, and across all supporting relationships.

IMPACT offers a unifying lens, language, set of skills and methodology, supported by practical tools and resources, to enable the science of:




Intentional Practice

To be (1) practical, (2) translatable and (3) sticky for children, young people, families, schools, programs and communities.

IMPACT is comprised of six key features that offers a suite of services designed to be intentionally tailored to the local community context and desired local outcomes. The services include training, accreditation pathways, specialist application workshops, embedding tools and practical resources (videos, factsheets, tools, reflective exercises). 

The program was developed and refined by Dr Ivan Raymond over a 10 year period, through multiple science-to-practice collaborations. IMPACT is founded upon best-practice science, and continues to undergo independent evaluation and research. 

In Australia, Life Buoyancy Institute (LBI) Foundation have exclusive rights to the IMPACT Program. LBI partner with schools, agencies, programs, teams, regions and community groups and draw upon the IMPACT Program to deliver meaningful local outcomes. 

LBI have tested and refined the implementation of IMPACT across multiple settings. Their work, supported by research, has found that IMPACT offers the shared: (1) language, (2) knowledge, (3) skills and (4) methods to empower people, teams, schools, programs and communities to embrace complexity, develop a shared intent and implement local wellbeing, trauma and growth solutions. 

This is captured through a range of community stories and research evaluations

What Does IMPACT Stand For?

IMPACT stands for Intentional Model and Practice Approach for Clients to Thrive. 

  • Model = What-What-How
  • Practice Approach = Supporting adults and communities bringing a lens of mindful awareness, growth and intentionality to everything they do. 
  • Clients = Anyone who is being supported or helped in a supporting adult relationship. In IMPACT, client can mean a child, young person, family, colleague or a staff team. 
  • Thrive = A wellbeing term that is personally defined by the individual and/or community.