Integrated Coaching Model


A core feature of the IMPACT Program is “coaching”. The program provides core competencies to empower supporting adults (e.g., caregivers, educators, practitioners, leaders) to have “intentional coaching conversations” with the people they support. Coaching in IMPACT is a side-by-side process where a supporting adult has intentional conversations designed to empower the person they are supporting to achieve the things important to them. 

The program is founded upon evidence-based processes and methods to make coaching and the delivery of intentional coaching conversations practical in action. In IMPACT, coaching brings focus to the following. 

  1. Safety – the building of safety and shared intent in the conversation.
  2. Positioning – the mindful presence and side-by-side positioning of the supporting adult in the coaching conversation. 
  3. Intent – the intent or purpose behind a coaching conversation. 
  4. Content – the flow of content in a coaching conversation. 
  5. Verbal and Non-Verbals – the verbal and non-verbal communication applied.