Capacity Building Cycle


IMPACT acknowledges capacity building and growth is incremental and can take time.

A key feature of IMPACT is the “Learn-It, Live-It, Apply-It, Coach-It, Train-It” capacity building cycle. In other words, there is an incremental movement of growth from:

  • Learn It – community members learn content on the science of wellbeing, resilience, growth and trauma-responsive practice.

  • Live It – community members internalise the content and make sense of it for themselves (in their own language).

  • Apply It – community members then apply the content in how they support, teach and grow others. 

  • Coach It – community members then work to coach the content to the people they support (including students, families and colleagues), through side-by-side and intentional coaching conversations.

  • Train It – community members explicitly train students, children, families and colleagues in the content (as desired). 

This cycle guides the intent of how capacity building occurs across schools, agencies and communities. In other words, the focus of early capacity building is on the “learn-it” to “live-it” phases, and then transitioning to “apply-it” to “coach-it” (over a mutually agreed period of time).